RIP Aperture

Aperture main windows
Aperture main windows

Well, I guess it is time time to say: RIP Aperture. According to a support article published by Apple this week, Aperture will stop working with the next major release of macOS. Expected to be announced this upcoming WWDC conference in June, mac 10.15 will kill Aperture. The reason is the removal of 32-bits application support in macOS 10.15. Something that Apple already said would eventually come.

Aperture won’t run in versions of the Mac operating system after macOS Mojave. Follow these steps to move your Aperture libraries to Photos or Adobe Lightroom Classic.

I will never understand why Apple decided to leave this market. is for the mass market. Lightroom is great. As a paying member of the Adobe Photography plan, I couldn’t live without it. Apple story is all about photography when it comes to new iPhone release. This is a hot market to be in. Even if Apple seems to fall behind, they still compete very hard for the most part. This year will be no exception. Yet, they don’t have anything to offer for professional photographers.

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  1. The problem nothing comes even close to Aperture. Everything else has convoluted and clumsy workflows, ridiculous subscription schemes, endless duplication of files and/or modification of originals.

    The idea of never touching originals, and simply storing parameters of modification, along with a cached preview of the edits, was ground breaking. Any edit could be done at any time, no need to “redevelop” RAW files, and then do all the edits again. Nope, simply change some parameters of the RAW conversion, and everything else stays in sync, etc.

    If they didn’t want to develop it further, they should just have made it open-source for the community to develop. To destroy it and sit on the corpse, that’s pretty much malevolence.

    And that while Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro are maintained, photographers get shafted.
    I wonder what underhanded deal they made with Adobe.

    And the plug-in system for Photos sucks, and users are back at the mercy of third party plug-in makers to keep supporting their products and not going out of business, or else…

  2. I still scratch my head over Apple abandoning Aperture. I guess “focus.” One Photos app. Simple. But they seemed to cede the Prosumer market for the mass market.

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