While Apple Is Protecting Our Privacy, Facebook Is Selling Our Data

Some controversy this week because Apple is accused of anti-competitive measures. Apple decided to remove non compliant applications from the App Store which were depending on MDM to implement screen time like features. Something that is seen as Apple using his dominant position with its App Store. Well, that’s a way to put it. But I prefer seeing Apple defending my privacy or the privacy of people not familiar with IT technologies. In their response to The NewYork Times, they published an official response in which we can read:

Parents shouldn’t have to trade their fears of their children’s device usage for risks to privacy and security, and the App Store should not be a platform to force this choice. No one, except you, should have unrestricted access to manage your child’s device.

Compare this to Facebook selling user’s data to the most paying companies or to give an easy pass to Mark Zuckerberg’s closest “friends” for some unknown or hidden bypass to consume their users data.

From Apple’s response on their web site:

We created the App Store to provide a secure, vibrant marketplace where developers and entrepreneurs can bring their ideas to users worldwide, and users can have faith that the apps they discover meet Apple’s standards of security and responsibility.

Responsibility. Something that is rarely assumed these days.

Apple is constantly criticized for their actions and decisions as one of the biggest company in the world. Every move is scrutinized by the press, the community and people like me. Recently, Apple has been more prompt to response to unfair treatment.

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