Combining Ulysses with Things

As I recently wrote, I’m now using Ulysses for my writing needs. Before that I was using For To-do, I’m using Things on the Mac and on iOS. I recently read an article from The Sweet Setup on how you can combine Ulysses with Things in order to help you manage your writing tasks.

The idea is to create a task in Things for each sheet in Ulysses as those are in fact a task you are accomplishing. In order to reach your sheet from Things, you will paste a URL in the note field that is a call-back call to Ulysses. That is very nice and very easy to create. Head on to the article to learn how to do it.

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  1. I like learning of new workflows. I’ve never used Things but have heard good things about it. No pun intended. I prefer all first party apps by Apple… I don’t add 3rd party apps lightly. I love the Notes app, for example. But, crazy enough, I’m *thinking different* and really liking Ulysses! So, you never know I guess. BTW I hear that the Reminders app might get updated in iOS 13. I think it could really use improvement in its UI/UX. The faux cards thing is OK if you have few of them. But the design language does not match other apps like Mail and Notes. Hope it does in iOS 13.

    1. iOS 13 cannot do worst with Reminders, trust me! Any chances will be for the better. I use Ulysses for my writing needs… long text only. Notes, on my iPad Pro with the pencil works so well… use it all the time at the office. I’m pretty sure I’ll convince you to upgrade your iPad! 🙂

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