Shot On… What ?

Great story here: “Man Can’t Explain Why Prize-Winning Photo is Identical to Another Photog’s“.

“In September 2018, the Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus announced the winners of a #ShotonOnePlus photo contest in India to celebrate the best photos captured by its phone cameras. One of the winning shots was a shock to photographer Aman Bhargava: it looked strangely similar to a photo he had captured two years earlier on his Canon DSLR.”

John Gruber’s take on this is priceless.

Can you even the imagine the bad publicity that would result if something like this — either a stolen photograph or a photo shot with an SLR (let alone both) — is named a winner in Apple’s contest?

My take? We expect a lot from Apple.

Meanwhile, here is a real photo taken by me with an iPhone 7 but it didn’t win any challenge.

Shot on iPhone 7 in Iceland

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