When Journalism Flirts With Trolling

First, this excerpt from the small piece in the NewYork Times:

Which would be more fearsome in a dark alley: Apple or Facebook? We may soon find out as the companies face off over privacy standards. Both announced their fourth-quarter earnings last week, and as expected, Apple’s numbers were a flop (to blame: China’s economic lethargy and a dwindling consumer demand for iPhones). Facebook, on the other hand — or thumb? — reported record profits. It would seem that Facebook won this round — until Apple rained on its parade by shutting down an app that Facebook was using to snoop around in users’ online activity. Apple hasn’t been shy about policing privacy issues before, but this move is downright aggressive, and a convenient distraction from its bad week.

Charlotte Cowles of The NewYork Times

First, Apple and Facebook are not facing off over standards. Next, She brings in the financials side because it is convenient for her shitty piece and as nothing to do with the fundamentals of Apple fighting with the badly behaving companies who takes advantage of the system they built and own. It is in their own rights to enforce the rules. What about Facebook enforcing data protection as fiercely as Apple? I cannot help but think this kind of piece make her look like a troll instead of a serious journalist trying to put some light on the events.

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