Stop Selling My Data !

Who cares about privacy and user data ? Not ATT, T-Mobile or Sprint obviously. John Gruber reacted to this. Who cares ? Well, it seems Tim Cook does. Full text of Tim Cook in the Time Magazine. Thank you for this. A thread on Twitter on this follows.

Four basic principals proposed by Tim Cook:

First, the right to have personal data minimized. Companies should challenge themselves to strip identifying information from customer data or avoid collecting it in the first place. Second, the right to knowledge—to know what data is being collected and why. Third, the right to access. Companies should make it easy for you to access, correct and delete your personal data. And fourth, the right to data security, without which trust is impossible.

Finally a simple conclusion by Tim Cook:

Technology has the potential to keep changing the world for the better, but it will never achieve that potential without the full faith and confidence of the people who use it.

What Steve Jobs said again on privacy ? Here.

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