On iPhone Sales in 2018

If you want more details and a collection of juicy comments about the sales performance (or lack of) of iPhone in 2018, a must read here by Michael Tsai “2018 iPhone Sales“. Here are a few notable comments he amassed:

Meek Geek:

Let’s talk about skimping on the product:

  • 5GB iCloud storage to backup a 64/256/512GB phone
  • no fast charger included
  • headphone dongle pack-in removed
  • mandatory performance throttling after a year, or pay to change the battery
  • exorbitant back glass replacement charges

Josh Centers:

If a $29 battery slows down iPhone sales, then either people were only buying new iPhones because their old ones were getting slower or Apple isn’t producing interesting iPhones.

Mike Rundle:

Until a fundamentally new iPhone feature is invented, I think the sales party is over. The iPhone X is good enough and the XS is certainly good enough. Current iPhones are blazing fast with unbelievable cameras. That will still be true in September when the new iPhone comes out.

There are many more comments worth a read.

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