Going Back To Basics

Many are still digesting the news from Apple that the iPhone wasn’t selling as well as it used to be. If you ask why to one hundred people, you’ll probably get one hundred different answers. But, some answers are much better than others. I think Apple’s problems has something to do with lack of focus and being a bit two far from something very basic. So I encourage you to read this thread on Twitter from Ryan Jones.

Now, some of the things suggested there in the thread are a bit gimmicky, but what I like about this thread is the wish for Apple to get back to making delightful products by focusing on the product itself, not maximazing shareholders value. Adding certain features not yet available on iPhone could be perceived differently from one person to the other so the added value would than be subjective. But by focusing on the product, the thinking process that would be required is much more directed to make a real difference to the intrinsic value of the product.

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