On Lowering iPhone Prices

So you heard the news that Apple’s iPhone isn’t selling as well as expected. The problem could be because of China’s economy or the global economy slowing down as this article from the Washington Post: “Economic growth is slowing all around the world

(…) Outside of the United States, which had estimated economic growth of 2.7 percent in the fourth quarter, according to the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank’s “nowcast,” the picture is increasingly gloomy — and most economists say the U.S. economy will slow in 2019.

But many are using this situation to ask for less expensive iPhone from Apple. That is fair. But the problem is that Apple is not Huawei or even HTC. And the thinking that must go behind such a decision to lower iPhone prices is much more complex than we think. I highly recommend to go on Twitter and read this thread starting with the following tweet.

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