Tumblr Will Die

So Tumblr changed their community rules and will reject all new porn content. More than that, blogs with porn or sexually explicit content will become invisible except for the owner or simply deleted. Let’s face it, this thing will soon die. Here is why.

Their service never really evolved over the years. Their chat didn’t work well. Their iOS app was still buggy releases after releases and their algorithms to push content on users timeline was also very questionable.

When Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo, this was the moment users felt the let down. For those who were using this platform for porn, I pretty sure you’ll find a replacement. For the others who were using Tumblr for blogging, take ownership of your stuff and consider WordPress.

RIP Tumblr.

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  1. Wasn’t the iOS app for Tumblr removed a while ago? I don’t use Tumblr so I don’t follow the news. Just saw a glimpse of the headline somewhere…

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