Why This Blog?

Apple is a lifetime passion. Photography is all about being creative and contemplative. Privacy is a challenge that comes with the Internet that we have to fight for. Climate change because this is a matter of global consciousness and human survival.

This blog was created in 2015. After a big start, I stopped posting for two years. I was also active on platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, Medium. Iโ€™m still quite busy on Twitter, but I stopped entirely publishing stuff on Tumblr because I felt the platform was languishing. I liked Medium, but I donโ€™t like how it turned. There is a more profound reason why I returned here on WordPress. It is straightforward: I have a feeling of freedom, a sense of owning my destiny. It is my stuff. Iโ€™m a paying member on WordPress because I donโ€™t want this blog to push ads on you and because I believe in this platform too.

My interests are many: Apple being the most important one. My love for this company goes way back to 1982. My passion for Apple is, in fact, my love for technology as created and designed by them. I donโ€™t always agree with their decisions, but they do make decisions. My other big interest is in photography since I was a youngster. So I write about these a lot. I also value privacy in the age of the Internet and social networks. Expect a lot of writing on this subject too. Finally, I may touch other topics that are more diverse but somehow related to technology or the numeric word, hence the blog name, Numeric Citizen.

Writing is expressing thoughts. Writing means trying to distillate feelings, ideas, criticism. It is about being creative. And somehow, creativity goes back to photography, Apple and technology.