Going All In With An iPad

Very interesting read from Matt Gemmell – The Big iPad. The debate is still alive and well. Is the iPad able to replace or not your traditional computer? For Matt Gemmell it did. So why it is possible for him? A few parts caught my attention.

(…) an iPad isn’t a laptop, so the word “replace” is weird here. It creates an expectation of like-for-like substitution, which just compounds the issue of unwillingness to adapt. That’s why I said the answer is probably “no” if you’re already framing the question that way. I see reviews where an apparent downside of the iPad is that it lacks a trackpad; to me, that’s like complaining that a car lacks a rudder. It’s just strange thinking.

I rarely see someone with a good sense of thinking like this. A car doesn’t replace a truck. It is something by its very own nature. I tend to approach this the same way. For me the iPad didn’t replace anything at all. Instead, it created a lot more possibilities in regard to being able to work with mobility and easy access to the tools I need.

be extremely skeptical of anyone who makes a judgement about switching to an iPad when they haven’t actually done it themselves

So, in other words, be very skeptical about every single tech reviewers.

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