An Even More Personal Device

There is quite a lot of buzz these days about the possibility of creating our own watch face on the Apple Watch. Currently, this feature is not available to Apple Watch owners but a few clever guys on the internet did experiment with tools to create ones. And the possibilities are endless. And quite exciting too.

There is something sterile and compromising about choosing your watch face out of a fixed set of options. While the watchOS faces provide for a high degree of customization, there is something fundamentally different in being able to customize every single detail of the face. I started with a blank slate and was able to make the face look exactly how I wanted it. When displaying one of my creations it is now truly my most personal device ever.

From a blog post by “David Smith”

I started to imagine how Apple could offer these possibilities. And the first thing that came to my mind was a Watch Face Construction kit. Something along the lines of a very old game, during the early days of personal computers, called Pinball Construction Set. I would imagine the process would happen within the Apple Watch app on the iPhone and installing the watch face wouldn’t require a new app, just some kind of formating information bundled together and pushed to the watch. Even more interesting, Apple could create a new iPad app, a simulator, where people wold have ample space to imagine, create and publish their own personal work on their own watch.

From David Smith blog post

But Apple is Apple, I can’t imagine this to become a reality for a while. Maybe in watchOS 6 and with more powerful Apple Watch Series 4 in the field.


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