What’s in this picture? A Non-ChatGPT Description

Deciphering what’s in an image showing Tim Cook wearing an Apple Vision Pro. An experiment with generative AI.

What’s in this picture? A Non-ChatGPT Description

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, Inc., inside an office at Apple Park is wearing an Apple Vision Pro and pressing its Digital Crown. He stands up. His desk table feels empty with what looks like an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil[1], a HomePod mini, a glass of water and AirPods out of their case[2]. Two chairs for visitors can be seen, close to the wall and a window. A portrait of Robert Kennedy is on the wall between the two windows. Tim seems to like changing frames with something else as other frames are standing on the floor against the wall. One frame portrays someone working and looking at something on a large table[3]. Other frames are more art-related. On the opposite side of his main desk, an elevated deck holds an Apple Studio Display and a MacBook Pro with a dedicated keyboard and mouse. Tim likes to experience many Apple devices for his work. There is a coffee mug, too, on this high-standing desk. The room lighting is soft and seems indicative of a sunrise[4]. Tim wears an Apple Watch Ultra[5]. Tim looks cool.

And now, the ChatGPT version.

“The photo depicts an indoor office setting with modern furnishings. A man stands in the foreground, facing the camera, adjusting a virtual reality headset with both hands. He wears a dark blue sweater, light blue jeans, and has silver hair. Behind him, the office is bathed in warm, natural light, suggesting the presence of external windows, although they are covered by blinds.
The office is neatly organized; to the left is a sizable, light wood desk hosting a laptop, a notebook, an apple, and a coffee mug. A black office chair with a high backrest is positioned behind the desk. Alongside the desk, there's a small personal area with framed photographs, adding a personal touch to the workspace. In the background, there's a secondary workstation with dual monitors, a keyboard, and a mouse on a smaller desk. The color palette of the room is quite neutral, dominated by beige and wood tones, accented by the green of a potted plant to the left. A picture hangs on the wall, adding an artistic element to the space. Overall, the image conveys a sense of modern professionalism blended with personalization.”

Make your own conclusions from this experience.

[1]: This looks like an unreleased iPad Pro model because the Apple Pencil is located on the shorter side. This would fit the rumors about the upcoming iPad Pro meant to be use in landscape mode with a new keyboard. The overall design still uses straight sides.

[2]: Weird.

[3]: Could this be Steve Jobs? It looks like it.

[4]: Tim Cook is well known to wake up early and work at Apple.

[5]: It’s hard to tell if this is the first generation or the second generation as they both look identical.