This is an experiment

I don’t know where this will get me, but I want to try it.

For those who doesn’t know about me, I’m a longtime blogger, an avid Apple fan and an amateur photographer. I’m also interested by things like climate change and privacy protection.  I’m blogging on WordPress at and on at I sometimes cross-post my long articles on Medium at too. And this is where Substack comes into play. Let me explain.

I’m getting some money for my writing on Medium. I’m a bit surprised by how much I can make by posting there. It doesn’t pay the bills, far from it. But it is nice to get some rewards for what I’m doing as an indie blogger. I’m getting paid for people reading my article in full and by having people clapping for each article. That’s it. I do have a few hundred followers. This is quite impressive to me. What if I could create some content for a fraction of this community of followers and being paid for it? I’m not going to be like those very popular analyst like Ben Thompson (Stratechery), Benedict Evans or Ben Bajarin (Techpinions). But, who knows? This is why I’m looking at Substack. It will take time to build a community of readers of the free content. It will take much more time to convert a fraction of this community to paying members. I want to try it and see where it goes.