The End of My HEY World Experiment

The End of My HEY World Experiment
Photo by Adam Birkett / Unsplash

No time to waste here. This post will be the last one on HEY World. After giving it a few thoughts, today, I decided to move my Friday Notes &  Photo Legend Series to Substack. Why, you might ask?

It is all about control, flexibility and discoverability. HEY World is not a publishing platform. It will never be. It is a Basecamp founder’s personal hobby. Period. It has nothing to do with Basecamp's recent controversy. Let's face it, HEY World content is impossible to find, lacks publishing flexibility (embeds, schedule later a post, integration with Grammarly) and offers minimal control. Sure, HEY World wasn’t meant to replace WordPress. I get it. Behind extreme simplicity lies some frustrations. Oh, and I know Substack doesn’t have an iPad app, and I highly doubt that it will come in the future. The editing experience on the web is fine, really fine.

The other thing about HEY World is that I can't use my "Numeric Citizen" nickname with HEY World because those posts come from my personal account, which goes against my, hum hum, online branding.

So what happens from here? I’ll be publishing more on Substack, which in turn, could stimulate discoverability and engagement. Maybe. Maybe not.

So, to those who were subscribing by email: your subscription will be moved to [my Substack page]. You’ll be able to decide if you want to keep it or else. I’m hoping that you’ll stay.

To those subscribing by RSS feed: please, consider subscribing to my RSS feed on Substack, which is: [].

I was able to bring my content on Substack with a bit of a hack, as documented  on [Numeric Citizen I/O].

I’m sorry for this little disturbance. I sincerely hope you’ll make the move and reach me on my Substack. And who knows, maybe you’ll like my Numeric Citizen Introspection newsletter, specially crafted on Substack, each month. It’s free.

Stay safe. Peace. ✌🏻🙂

[2023-04-27: I'm no longer on Substack either, and my content was migrated/merged into Ghost.]


JF Martin aka Numeric Citizen