During this 36 hours snowstorm, Montreal received close to 40 cm of snow. That is quite a big one.

Winter’s Last Words

I forgot about the photo montage I made following a business trip I made by train a few weeks ago. We were all in a spring mood but a snow storm struck again in this ever lasting winter. Now this is just a souvenir.

This was a few while ago, just before leaving for our vacation in Cancun, Mexico. Winter didn't want to give up easily. I was having my daily walk at night and then this frozen tree caught my attention. This is where I decided to freeze the moment.

Major Winter Storm Coming In

Wednesday looks to be a nightmare for many as a major snowstorm will come visit us, in Montreal, Canada. We are expecting more than 30 cm this time. Could be worst than the previous one. Expect to see some photos of this in the coming days. Snow fall predictions map

A Walk in the Storm

Finally, we've got our first winter storm of the season. I've always liked them, since I was a kid. This storm had something special. Usually, the temperature goes up as the storm approach but not this time. It was very cold before, like -20C and temperature increased to -18C. So the snow was dry, winds... Continue Reading →

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