This very short clip shows the "before and after" look of a processed picture from a building in Havana during my last vacation trip. This abandoned housing building looked pretty creepy, but I felt I could make it really spooky. It was fascinatingly standing out of its surroundings. As you can see, a seemingly dull... Continue Reading →

From my last urban exploration session, my friend is taking pictures. This was in an abandoned greenhouse. I was waiting for him to move out of the scene so I can take my own photos.

Yesterday, I posted my latest podcast about why I do urban exploration. I'm always using the enhanced version of podcasts so I can embed chapter markers. For each of them, I selected eleven of my best urban exploration photos. I created a montage that I'm sharing with you now. Otherwise, if you know french you... Continue Reading →

Qu’est-ce que l’exploration urbaine? (French)

Dans ce septième épisode, j’explique ce qu’est l’exploration urbaine, comment j’ai débuté dans ce milieu, pourquoi je pratique cette activité, les risques associés et bien plus encore! Références dans ce podcast:  Mon profil Flickr:  Mon portfolio: Merci d’avoir écouté ce podcast. Visitez mon blogue @ pour en savoir davantage sur l’exploration urbaine.... Continue Reading →

Welcome To My Adobe Portfolio

Today, I want to share something new with you dear readers and visitors. In order to be ready when I close my Flickr account next year (if all things go as bad as it seems they will on Flickr), I'm happy to introduce my new photo gallery on Adobe Portfolio (read my review here). Please,... Continue Reading →

A Glimpse …

... of my outing today for some urbex time with my friends. A can of beer on a frozen floor. I will need the next few weeks to process my 600+ photos.

Urbex Session Tomorrow

Going out tomorrow for an urbex session with a few friends. Meanwhile, here is the kind of things we end up finding while on the go. We are doing an abandoned church. Should be quite different though. Stay tuned.


Eventually I will write about my urban exploration experiences... this is one of the so many pictures I've taken.

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