During a recent urbex session with friends we were exploring an abandoned church. In one of the room in the priest's house next to the church, there was this table right in the middle of the place with lots of left overs. It was clear to me that this place was frequently visited by people... Continue Reading →

Yesterday, I posted my latest podcast about why I do urban exploration. I'm always using the enhanced version of podcasts so I can embed chapter markers. For each of them, I selected eleven of my best urban exploration photos. I created a montage that I'm sharing with you now. Otherwise, if you know french you... Continue Reading →

Qu’est-ce que l’exploration urbaine? (French)

Dans ce septième épisode, j’explique ce qu’est l’exploration urbaine, comment j’ai débuté dans ce milieu, pourquoi je pratique cette activité, les risques associés et bien plus encore! Références dans ce podcast:  Mon profil Flickr: flickr.com/photos/29443498@n05  Mon portfolio: numericcitizen.myportfolio.com Merci d’avoir écouté ce podcast. Visitez mon blogue @ http://numericcitizen.me pour en savoir davantage sur l’exploration urbaine.... Continue Reading →

Left Behind – A Quick Story Behind a Picture

I had a thought today while processing a photo of a graffiti taken in my previous urban exploration session. Take the previous photo. As a photographer, what merit do I have in this? Asking someone about how he or she feels about this photo would probably get an answer like: "wow, this is a great... Continue Reading →

Why I Do Urban Exploration

Urban exploration is about exploring cities, from the best parts to the worst. I like doing both. This blog post is all about expressing my constant desire to explore abandoned places. They can be churches, schools, old businesses, hospitals, etc. So going out for an urban exploration session, doing urbex I could say, is always... Continue Reading →

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