My Updated Blogger Workflow as of 2020-03

A synthesized view of my blogging workflow as of 2020-03. Initially published a month ago, my blogger workflow received a lot of traction and since then, I made a few but important changes. Today, I want to address the way I consume content and which tool I use to support my research. My blogger workflow... Continue Reading →

Introducing my Blogger Workflow

If you are a blogger like me, you may find it interesting to learn about what tools other bloggers are using. If you are not (yet) a blogger, you’ll see what it takes to start and thrive! As a long time blogger, I’m happy to share with you all the details about my workflow. You’ll... Continue Reading →

Bye Bye Tumblr

Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash I used to be on Tumblr since 2009. When I came back on WordPress, I enabled cross posting my stuff here to this platform. I had more than 3200 followers but very few of them came to my blog. So, this is wasted energy and electrons. 🤓 In the spirit of focusing... Continue Reading →

Tumblr Will Die

So Tumblr changed their community rules and will reject all new porn content. More than that, blogs with porn or sexually explicit content will become invisible except for the owner or simply deleted. Let's face it, this thing will soon die. Here is why. Their service never really evolved over the years. Their chat didn't... Continue Reading →

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