Still Relevant Today I hope you chose to look at the clip before reading the following observations. It is not too late, come back later for my observations. I took out a few powerful words from this clip which are: Back to the basics. Greats products. Great marketing. Great distribution. Not enough focus. Much simpler. Much better.... Continue Reading →

October 5th I certainly miss him. Always wondering how different Apple and their products would be if he was still around. But he is not. And Apple is quite different yet still has many bits and traits of his legacy. RIP.

A Provocative Thought

According to Jon Prosser, Apple is better without Steve Jobs. Yep. Here is a twelve minutes video clip that maybe is a bit provocative, exposing a few thoughts supporting this idea, worth your time. It is kind of late (Job passed away in 2011) but still interesting to listen in light of recent announcements by... Continue Reading →

At Apple Park, A Rainbow Is Born

Apple Park Rainbow Scene Once upon a time, a rainbow is born. Right in the middle of a big big circle, a rainbow is born to celebrate, a place, a man. And his legacy. Steve Jobs. Then, some people started to ask about the cost of this rainbow stage. Like if we had to put... Continue Reading →

I made some clean up of a few drawers last week-end. Here is one thing that I found and made me smile: the iLife 11 DVD. Remember when we bought computer software on DVD? Remember Apple in 2011? Remember iPhoto? This was the days when a new feature in iPhoto shown by Steve Jobs would... Continue Reading →

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