iPhone 11 Pro Compared to a 100 MP Camera

Unedited photo taken with telephoto camera of the iPhone 11 Pro. How do you think an iPhone 11 Pro compares to a $13,000 camera capable of producing 100 megapixels RAW images? Do you think it is a bad idea to even consider comparing both of them? Well, maybe not as Josh Rossi recently wrote for... Continue Reading →

Staring At Their Screen All The Time

How about a bit of social behaviour observations? I’m visiting Hawaii since July 12th. I’m loving it very much. I’ve seen such of varying environment: rain forests, desert like landscapes, wonderful beaches, etc. I’m able to report on this because I’m a typical epicurean type of guy when on vacation. You might think that I’m... Continue Reading →

We Are No Longer Fighting For Flags But For Smartphones

This story from AppleInsider: Apple boycott by Chinese firms supporting Huawei is escalating. In an attempt to show solidarity towards the Chinese telecommunications giant, companies in China are reportedly attempting to encourage employees to buy products from Huawei. Most companies offering such schemes are apparently subsidizing between 10 or 20 percent of the cost of... Continue Reading →

Comparing iPhone’s Camera to Pixel’s

If you are into photography (pro, amateur, smartphone), you may be interested to look at this brief comparison of pictures taken by two high end smartphones. My preference goes to the iPhone pictures. Smart HDR is really helping a lot in many situations. Much more in fact than Google's Night Mode which seems to gather... Continue Reading →

A (Depressing) Smartphone Review

Here is a different kind of smartphone review. It is about the new Google Pixel 3. Go and read the first part which is all about our current toxic society. Why toxic ? Look around you. People allways staring at their screen, big and small. Great and (depressing) read.

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