iTunes 2001-2019: End Of An Era

R.I.P. Wow, who knew this would be coming someday. iTunes was such a big part of Apple's digital stores and media consumption. For many people, iTunes was just garbage. iTunes has a long history. It wasn't perfect and I still like it as of this writing. In fact, I just don't understand all that hate... Continue Reading →

The Death of iTunes is Near

iTunes being replaced by four new apps in macOS next major release. Big scoop Yep. You read it loud and clear: the death of iTunes is near. According to a major discovery made by Guilherme Rambo for 9to5Mac. Version 10.15 of macOS will include four new applications specifically created to replace major parts of iTunes... Continue Reading →

Another Case for iTunes Breakup ?

A recent article from 9to5Mac, "It’s time for Apple to separate Apple Music from iTunes on the Mac" suggests that time has finally come to break iTunes and make an Apple Music Player, a Podcast player, and... what next? This is where it get's complicated. Where do you put device management, an important part of... Continue Reading →

iTunes End is Close ?

Interesting article from M. G. Siegler "The End of iTunes" on Medium. May I remind you about a series of blog posts I wrote back in 2015 ? It has been a long time but the subject is still relevant today surprisingly. Rethinking iTunes — An Introduction Rethinking iTunes — Looking Back Rethinking iTunes – Deconstruction the Software Rethinking... Continue Reading →

Rethinking iTunes — A Reconstruction Proposal

In the previous article of the series “Rethinking iTunes”, a grouping of all iTunes features and functions was elaborated to better understand the real nature of iTunes. With that in mind, it is easier to consider things that we could remove to make iTunes more approachable, more predictable and easier to evolve. The idea guiding the rethinking... Continue Reading →

Rethinking iTunes – Deconstructing the Software

As previously exposed in my article ”Rethinking iTunes — A Look Back”, iTunes has become a complex piece of software that is hard to use and difficult for Apple to maintain. I would argue that the monolithic nature of iTunes hinders its evolution. In this blog post, I’ll expose my classification of all iTunes features and functions.... Continue Reading →

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