On Vacation With iOS 13 – Maps

First surprise with iOS 13 while in HawaiWhile opening Apple's Maps, I got a notification announcing improvements to Maps in my region. As in Maui there little towns I couldn't experience the difference, I saw one for general map features like state parks and reserves. So far so good.

iPad: A Distraction-Free Device

Shawn Blanc writing on The Sweet Setup: One thing in particular that makes iOS and its apps so great is the simple and focused work environment it all provides. The iPad tends to be a very distraction-free device. Plus Craig Federighi on the AppStories Podcast: https://twitter.com/dominocollege/status/1136951897078861825?s=20 This is what the iPad is all about: being... Continue Reading →

Is Apple Adandoning 3D Touch?

Rumors are again surfacing about the possibility that Apple is abandoning 3D Touch in its 2019 iPhone. If this is the case, I would be very sorry for this loss. But let’s go back a few years ago. 3D touch in action with peek & poke feature shown A new way to interact 3D Touch... Continue Reading →

Cool iOS 13 Concept Video

iOS 13 Drak Mode Example Stop everything. This cool iOS 13 concept video is so cool! I rarely post or write about visual concept videos. Because they don't always address real problems or take into account basic usability constraints. I couldn't skip this one without sharing it here. WWDC 2019 is coming very soon and... Continue Reading →

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