iOS 12.1.3 – Fixes for 2018 iPad Pro


Those looking to fix issues with audio devices hooked into their brand new and shiny iPad Pro with USB-C should look forward and update to the latest release of iOS 12.1. It is unknown which audio devices were affected with distorted audio though. I didn’t have any issue with my Yeti microphone except this stability issue while using a simple USB-A to USB-C adaptor. Now, I’m using a USB-C hub and all is fine. 🤓

Please, Apple, Bring This to iOS

If Apple wants to push the iPad into the realm of serious computing, it needs to add some serious UI elements that we are used to see on traditional computing platforms. Here, I’m thinking about menus on the Mac or on Windows. They are everywhere. We take them for granted. The iPad came in 2010 and probably nobody really noticed or asked for them on iOS at that time as Apple was shifting iOS from the iPhone to the iPad and we were all busy digesting this new computing device. But these days, iOS has matured and we are ready to go further. Consider this actual segmented popup menu on the iPad.

One of the problem I see with this menu is that is doesn’t scale well (beside being ugly) and is in need for a rethinking. It came with iOS 3 with copy & paste feature if I remember well. It doesn’t scale well because on the iPhone, a menu like this has to be scrolled horizontally to see all the options. On the iPad, the wider the menu becomes, the least user friendly it becomes. This is un intuitive. Now, a few days ago, on Twitter, I saw this. Unfortunately, I cannot embed any of the videos showing the popup menu implementation. But stop everything and just go have a look. Wonderul.

John Gruber wrote, this is something that shows a lot of attention to details and something that is missing on iOS. If only Apple could do something like this in iOS 13 coming this year. 🙏🏻

Lightroom CC Updated With Siri Shortcuts Support

Adobe released an update to its photo processing application on iOS. The new update brings something that will help somehow fix a workflow issue on iOS. Imagine you take a few pictures with your camera in RAW format. You want to process them on the go with your iPad. Currently, the only way to do this is to import them into Photos app and process them in the application of your choice that supports RAW pictures. If you want to process them in Lightroom, you then have to open Lightroom and do the import, a two steps process.

Now, with this update, by supporting Siri Shortcuts, you can import your pictures in and then from there, you select them and execute your shortcut to move them in Lightroom. My shortcut does this:

  1. Accept photos from input, pass them to Lightroom.
  2. Ask if I want to delete the photos from (this adds some flexibility to the automation).
  3. Ask if I want to open Lightroom.

Also, in this process, you can ask Lightroom to apply a preset. This is what they say in the update notes. The problem is, this is not the preset like we know them in Lightroom, but profiles which is not the same at all.

Profiles are used to apply changes to your photo with a certain style
If we could really apply presets, that would be really useful.

I Don’t Trust Android And Facebook

Here is an article about apps on Android using user data without user’s consent. All they have in common is this: they are running on Android and are using Facebook SDK. I’m not using Android anytime soon and will leave Facebook soon. 😊

P.S. I know that apps could leak user info on iOS too. So leaving Facebook makes even more sense to me.

Is The App Store Really Curated or Not ?

Reading this excellent article by David Barnard “Gaming The App Store” I find it surprising that scams like these ones exposed by Mr. Barnard keep happening today. What is Apple doing with their teams to fix this mess? If Apple is really serious about customer satisfaction, great user experience and high quality standards, why the lack of clear corrective actions? Please note that many scams are profitable for Apple, in the short term yes, but still… this may partly explain the apparent lack of corrective action. As a previous indie developer myself (from 2009-2013) on iOS, I do understand the frustration here. This is why I’m posting this here to help spread the word.

On iPad Falling Behind in Schools

Very telling article from Fraser Speirs “On Switching from an iPad Pro and a Macbook to a Pixelbook“:

One other thing that hurts to say but I believe is true is this: ChromeOS is getting better faster than iOS on iPad. Apple seems now to be on a two-year cadence for meaningful iPad-related software updates and, honestly, that’s just not fast enough. ChromeOS is moving very quickly. Probably, iOS is ahead for now but I hate waiting on an “iPad year” WWDC and then hoping that something will happen for the OS features I happen to care about. There are some parts of iOS that have lain fallow for years now – Mail, Calendar, Safari – that need some serious investment. Third party apps might fill some of the gaps but iOS doesn’t let them be full replacements for the system apps. Honestly, I’m bored waiting for progress on some of these platform basics that have been on iPad users’ wish lists for literally half a decade or more now.

– Fraser Speirs

I find it sad to see a company like Apple seemingly falling behind with the iPad. Having to wait every year to see meaningful leaps on iOS for iPad is exhausting. Supposedly, next year WWDC should bring a major step for iPad users.

Working With Multi Language Keyboards on iOS

What a pain when having to switch from English to French and back many times during a typing session on the iPad. The best thing would be that AI should detect when I’m switching language. Meanwhile, a small globe icon at the right place would help quite a bit when using a physical keyboard hooked to the iPad.

We have to “eject” the keyboard in order to bring in the software version of it where we can switch the language. Yet, the icon isn’t at the right place to me.