Is Doomsday Near for Flickr?

My Flickr homepage Is doomsday near for Flickr? Flickr difficult times are not over yet. Flickr's CEO writing this week to Flickr Pro members (like me): Flickr still needs your help. It’s still losing money. You, and hundreds of thousands of loyal Flickr members stepped up and joined Flickr Pro, for which we are eternally... Continue Reading →

Big Flickr Downtime Is Coming

On May 22nd, a big Flickr downtime is coming. Why? Because, according to this Flickr blog post, this maintenance is the last part of their big endeavour to move things off Yahoo servers. Where will it go? On AWS servers. Nothing will change from the end user perspective. But I guess this is a sign... Continue Reading →

Flickr Introducing In Memoriam Account Status

Directly from Flickr Blog yesterday: Update on Creative Commons licenses and “In Memoriam” accounts. | Flickr Blog Since we announced changes to Flickr’s Free and Pro accounts on November 1, we’ve heard from members who are concerned about what will happen to accounts owned by deceased members, and what will happen to their own accounts... Continue Reading →

Things Are Moving (Again) at Flickr

According to this blog post, Flickr login freedom is here, the new login system is about to go live on Flickr. As you may already know, since the beginning, to login on your Flickr account, you need a Yahoo credentials. But in the next few weeks, users will be migrated to the new system. And according... Continue Reading →

Spécial Flickr (French)

Learn how I plan to replace my Flickr account in the future. Quitter Flickr oui mais pour aller où? Apprenez comment je pense remplacer mon compte Flickr d’ici un an. Références mentionnées durant l'épisode: Mon profil Flickr:  Mon profil Unsplash:  Au sujet de Unsplash: SmugMug buys Flickr:   Thanks for listening. Please visit... Continue Reading →

Small Review Adobe Portfolio

As you know, Flickr is having some growing issues with the recently changed rules for free account and I'm considering closing my account. But, where should I publish my photography work after closing my Flickr account? On 500px? Or SmugMug? What about Unsplash? I think I found a better way. Enters Adobe Portfolio. Adobe Portfolio... Continue Reading →

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