This is post #29 in the Before & After Series. For this one, I think the original photo is as interesting as the processed one. Both convey completely different intentions visually. The black & white look fits perfectly with the car style. The darker edges make it look like a frame taken out of an... Continue Reading →

This very short clip shows the "before and after" look of a processed picture from a building in Havana during my last vacation trip. This abandoned housing building looked pretty creepy, but I felt I could make it really spooky. It was fascinatingly standing out of its surroundings. As you can see, a seemingly dull... Continue Reading →

Here is the latest addition to the Before & After series. Enjoy. What a great sunset it was. As you can see, more contrast added to the cloudy sky. Better lighting in the foreground vegetation. Generally more definition to the overall look.

Here is the latest addition to the Before & After series. Enjoy. I’m not really good at human photography. For this one, I was on a bus while waiting for our green light. I saw this scene and snapped the picture as fast as I could.

Turning to a black & white version helps turn this relatively ordinary scene to something more... sensual.

Before & After 25

It’s been a long time since I posted in this series of Before & After... here is a great memory of my trip to Hawaii this past summer. For this particular case, I wanted to add luminosity to the foreground and open up the shadows in general. There was a cable right in the clouds... Continue Reading →

Probably not my best work but I wanted to show this one because of the lighting improvement. You can look at the whole series here.

Before & After 23

This church is part of my latest urban exploration session with my friends. This cross was suspended in the air but the original image doesn't show this clearly because of the low light and the roof in the background. This picture was taken with my iPhone and processed on the iPad with Lightroom CC. As... Continue Reading →

Before & After 22

Taken from my iPhone 7 while visiting my (old) parents still living in my home town. This monument is standing in front of a modern church designed by my father while he was a practicing architect at the very beginning of his career. Quite a few changes were made to this photo: perspective, framing, higher... Continue Reading →

Before & After 21

Before & After 21: This is my latest "Before & After" post. First, at the top, a few comments about some attributes. There is at least two things to fix in this picture: contrast and perspective. These are the most obvious ones. The photo was reframed because the top structure of the ceiling wasn't needed.... Continue Reading →

Before & After 20

Here is the thing: how can I put more emphasis on the thing that matters in this photo? Well, by removing unneeded colours. Oh and what else? Put some more light in this scene.

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