Before & After 23

This church is part of my latest urban exploration session with my friends. This cross was suspended in the air but the original image doesn't show this clearly because of the low light and the roof in the background. This picture was taken with my iPhone and processed on the iPad with Lightroom CC. As... Continue Reading →

Before & After 22

Taken from my iPhone 7 while visiting my (old) parents still living in my home town. This monument is standing in front of a modern church designed by my father while he was a practicing architect at the very beginning of his career. Quite a few changes were made to this photo: perspective, framing, higher... Continue Reading →

Before & After 21

Before & After 21: This is my latest "Before & After" post. First, at the top, a few comments about some attributes. There is at least two things to fix in this picture: contrast and perspective. These are the most obvious ones. The photo was reframed because the top structure of the ceiling wasn't needed.... Continue Reading →

In this photo processing session, I had quite a lot of work to do. First, my intention was to give a very old look to this monument. The idea was to put emphasis on the monument's texture and ornaments. I had to straight it up and make the background less visible.

Photos doesn't always need a lot of processing to look better. In this case, adding texture to the walls was needed (by increasing contrast). A little bit more saturated colours helped a but too. Finally one could say that blacks are a bit too much on the top right corner but my intention was to... Continue Reading →

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