This very short clip shows the "before and after" look of a processed picture from a building in Havana during my last vacation trip. This abandoned housing building looked pretty creepy, but I felt I could make it really spooky. It was fascinatingly standing out of its surroundings. As you can see, a seemingly dull... Continue Reading →

Sweeting Out The Details

Here is why shooting in RAW is a good idea. A seemingly bad photo can turn quite good after a few minutes of processing in Lightroom on the iPad. Push the shadows, reduce highlights The final version follows.

Revisiting Iceland Visually

Looking back in my photos library, I kind of revisited a place. Last summer I went to Iceland for three days. I took this picture. As you may have guessed it, this was processed with Lightroom. So I included a brief movie showing how the original photo looked. I like the dramatic look that I... Continue Reading →

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