My Current Photo Workflow

I’ve been thinking for a long time to write about my photo workflow and how it all fit together. So I sat down, thought about it and made this graphic showing exactly what is my workflow when doing photography, what tools are involved. My hope here is to help you find inspiration to improve yours.... Continue Reading →

Pray (if you are a believer)

Picture created from five pictures taken with my Nikon D750, with bracketing option, one stop between each, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2. Exposition starting at -2 stops to make sure light is not too intense. Processed within Aurora HDR 2018. Enjoy.

Replacing Adobe Lightroom, really ?

Can a long time user of Lightroom switch to something else of his or her photo processing needs? Why ? Personally, this is a question lingering in my mind for a while. As a paying user of Adobe Lightroom since a long time, I invested a lot of resources in this software and so I... Continue Reading →

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