Impressive interior view of Apple's headquarters Take a few minutes to look at this short video of Apple's headquarters. What a magnificent place to go see and probably work. I'm completely amazed by the amount of design that went into this building and installations. I'm in awe of this place. My design awareness is... Continue Reading →

Apple, Stores, Architecture And Design

Apple cares about architecture Apple, stores, architecture and design, a recurring theme. From a recent article on the Washington Post about their new Apple Store: But the Carnegie project is also aimed at achieving a higher purpose at the company, which is to deepen customers’ affiliation of Apple with something positive — creativity — at... Continue Reading →

Another Kind of Apple Product: Apple Stores

If you like Apple, love architecture, photography and design, please do yourself a favor and jump right now to this exceptional article "Architecture, creativity, community: A field guide to Apple retail in 2018" by Michael Steeber. This is a must read and see. Apple Stores are another kind of product make by Apple to sell... Continue Reading →

If You Love The 1950s And The Incredibles Movie

Here is a great article "The Graphic Art of Incredibles 2" about the sources of inspiration for the Incredibles movie by Walt Disney Pixar. It goes from buildings, private houses, street signs, products marketing, building signs, etc. I enjoyed both of these movies quite a lot.

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