Health Data and Trust

Apple is investing a lot in health, from the Apple Watch, to iOS Health app and health data sharing with many health providers in the US. In this article from NPR "Storing Health Records On Your Phone: Can Apple Live Up To Its Privacy Values?", Apple's Tim Cook on health data and privacy: People will... Continue Reading →

The Road to Apple Watch Design Lead

Apple's COO, Jeff Williams Interesting and fascinating tidbits about Apple's COO, Jeff Williams. After leaving IBM, Williams went ahead and joined Apple in 1998: Williams was charmed by the “contagious, palpable enthusiasm” at Apple, so he listened to his gut and came on board as head of Worldwide Procurement. And then... Since 2013, Williams has... Continue Reading →

Apple Watch Sleep Tracking

According to Bloomberg*, Apple is at work with a new feature for the Apple watch, sleep tracking. This is something that I would love. I'm currently using my old Apple Watch during the night so I can get some form of sleep tracking. Yet, this is not a complete solution. I'm mainly using Sleep Watch.... Continue Reading →

My Apple Watch Faces

I love my Apple Watch Series 4 but one of the things that bugged me: it was hard to settle on a configuration of watch faces. I mainly use infograph watch face because of information density. I do use others too, much simpler with lot less information but I use them only when going out... Continue Reading →

Health Care & Apple

A big statement by former Apple's CEO John Sculley: "We're going to see something similar in health" while comparing to the iPhone impact on the world. Even from the outside, It seems to me that Apple found their way with wearables. The Apple Watch 4 is a prime example of this. And the AirPods could... Continue Reading →

An Even More Personal Device

There is quite a lot of buzz these days about the possibility of creating our own watch face on the Apple Watch. Currently, this feature is not available to Apple Watch owners but a few clever guys on the internet did experiment with tools to create ones. And the possibilities are endless. And quite exciting... Continue Reading →

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