The Significance of Apple’s Music Web Player

Apple Music Web Player on iPadOS 13 With less than a week before Apple announces the new iPhone and many other things, they drop a bombshell: an Apple Music web player is now available to a web browser near you. Here are some observations about this surprising move. iTunes for Windows is dead and Apple... Continue Reading →

A Solution for Apple Music Lacking a Web Player

A Solution for Apple Music Lacking a Web Player. I'm a long time subscriber of Apple Music and I still cannot understand why Apple doesn't yet provide a web based player. Spotify is providing one though. To me, this is a glaring omission, one of the thousand no's for a every yes. But there is... Continue Reading →

Another Case for iTunes Breakup ?

A recent article from 9to5Mac, "It’s time for Apple to separate Apple Music from iTunes on the Mac" suggests that time has finally come to break iTunes and make an Apple Music Player, a Podcast player, and... what next? This is where it get's complicated. Where do you put device management, an important part of... Continue Reading →

Apple And Social Networks

Apple tried in the past to build something close to a social network: Ping. It failed. They tried again with Connect with Apple Music. It failed. Now some would like Apple to try again like in this Twitter thread: The idea of Apple building a secure social network seems interesting but... I don't this... Continue Reading →

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