Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

Yesterday I went to my local photography equipment store where I bought my Nikon D750 two years ago. I was interested in handling a mirror less camera (Nikon Z7 or Sony Alpha). I didn't know what to expect. The salesman gave me his time to let me play with the cameras, answer my many questions... Continue Reading →

On Apple’s AirPort – Again

Another story today from AppleInsider, "Amazon's eero buy is the clearest sign yet that Apple should revive the AirPort" that goes in the same direction as mine, Apple should return to the design table and create this AirPort successor. And fast. What is your take? Do you think Apple will actually do it? Would you... Continue Reading →

Be Careful With Who You Invite Into Your Home

Amazon devices are not on my guests list. Neither are Google's and Facebook's. From a recent article from Gizmodo - "The Amazon Alexa Eavesdropping Nightmare Came True": An Amazon user in Germany recently requested data about his personal activities and inadvertently gained access to 1,700 audio recordings of someone he didn’t know.I'm wondering if we... Continue Reading →

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