Special Announcement - Some Important Changes Coming Soon

Some important changes are happening soon on this website. Please read carefully.

To all my dear readers, I’ve been silent recently and it is because, in the upcoming days, this site will see a few important changes. Here are the details.

First, content from my other site @ https://numericcitizen.me will be migrated “as-is” on this website. If you subscribe to this site’s RSS feed, you’ll see a few hundred articles appearing. This is normal. It’s part of the migration process.

Second, once the content is migrated, I’ll start the process of renaming this website domain:





You should consider updating your bookmarks and RSS feed subscription, which will become the new site name followed by a /rss/ at the end.

Third, when newsletters resume, they will come from the new site identity.

Thanks for your attention and your support. I hope you find this change positive and enjoy more of my content in a single place.