Restarting my Photo Legend Series

This article was originally posted on my HEY World account.

Restarting my Photo Legend Series

I love photography. I consider myself a serious amateur photographer. My first contact with this art form goes back to when I was a teenager. But, what's even more interesting is a photo with a story behind it because they all have a story behind it, right? I love when photographers tell their story about the when, the where and how a photo was made. Something like this one, from Om Malik. These stories can put me in the photographer’s mindset when the photo was taken. It becomes another experience. It brings inspiration.

My love for stories behind the picture explains why I started a photography series on my main blog called « The Photo Legend Series » in early 2019 (you can see the series here). But the thing is, my main blog is hosted on, and WordPress is about... words, more than pictures. For me, anyway. The blog uses a visual theme that is not suitable for showing pictures. On top of that, publishing pictures on WordPress is too cumbersome. Services like Flickr, 500px, SmugMug, VSCO, etc., aren't meant to show and tell. I’m not even talking about Facebook or Instagram. My quest for the ultimate photo story-sharing service is an ever-ending story. I'm anxiously waiting for alternatives like Glass or Bokeh. Meanwhile, what can I do?

Previously on HEY World for a few issues, I’m not using Substack as a platform from now on until I find a better solution.

What's your name, again?

Finally, I’ve never been sure about the series naming « Photo Legend ». Is « Photo Caption » better? What about « Photo Stories »? Let’s look at terms definitions.

« Legend »:

« the words written on or next to a picture, map, coin, etc., that explain what it is about or what the symbols on it mean »

« Caption »:

«  brief text over or under a picture in a book, magazine, or newspaper that describes the picture or explains what the people in it are doing or saying »

« Stories »:

« a description, either true or imagined, of a connected series of events »

I think the word « Legend » is still the best fit for my intention. It's a keeper. 👍🏻

The legend

Oh, and I almost forgot about the picture above. Taken during an abnormally warm winter afternoon. The warm weather created a nice misty atmosphere. Then, there was this guy with a dog walking in the park. I took my iPhone 11 Pro out of my pocket, using Halide. I snapped this picture in RAW and later processed it in black & white with Pixelmator Photo on my iPad Pro when I came back home.