Photo Legend #28 - Details

A week-end trip. A church. Curiosity. Fascination. Contemplative mood. An iPhone. Ingredients for intricate and subtle details discovery.

Photo Legend #28 - Details

I always found stained glass windows fascinating. They are primarily found in churches and cathedrals, which I also find fascinating and for which I pay high respect and attention. Paying attention can be rewarding as they always contain surprising details. You can look at one example of a photographed stained glass window published on my Unsplash profile.

During a recent visit to a small church in the neighbourhood where we stayed in Niagara-falls-on-the-lake, I stumbled upon a simple stained glass window in the church entrance. I stopped and paid attention to the depicted scene of three persons, two men and a woman. My religious culture is close to nothing, so I’m not sure what this scene was referring to or if there is a special meaning to it. Yet, I love those scenes as they often convey story parts or a mood. I was fascinated by the expression on their faces showing sadness or admiration; I’m not sure. Using my iPhone 13 Pro, I tried to get closer and snapped a few pictures using the telephoto lens and then I tried doing some macro photography shots to capture specific details.

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It was with some apprehension that I glanced at my photos when I came back home. However, it didn’t take too long to select the best shots, then process them using Pixelmator Pro and create the following montage using Apple’s Keynote to illustrate the source of the details I wanted to make stand out. I’m pretty happy with the results.

The final results