Photo Legend #27 β€” A Room With a View

Capturing the scene, stopping time, while be in a contemplative moment.

Photo Legend #27 β€” A Room With a View

It was a wonderful early September day where summer is beginning to show signs of decline while signs of fall are pointing to the horizon. The weather was mild during the day but chilly during the night. The smell of the forest was so good, making me feel connected to it, being part of it and demanding a contemplative look. Capturing the scene is always part of any of my contemplative moments. This picture was taken from the balcony of my rented cabin where we stayed for the labour weekend, in the middle of the morning. The forest ground was filled with this green carpet; it was surreal, like a movie set in place for the occasion. What a wonderful place.

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The unprocessed image was taken with the iPhone 11 Pro wide-angle lense
The room with a view

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