Less Than A Week Away Of…

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash It is Sunday evening as I'm writing this. I have four days of work to complete before my summer vacation in Hawaii. I'll have to pack my things and get ready for this long awaited trip with my love. I'm a bit anxious to let you down here as my posting activites... Continue Reading →

Accidentally Returning To Facebook

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash A few months ago I closed my Facebook account. After accidentally returning to Facebook, what I found was shocking. Here is how it all happened and what I found. When I closed my Facebook account, I chose to keep Messenger active in order to be able to stay in touch with a... Continue Reading →

My Second GuruShots Challenge Winner

My second GuruShots challenge ended yesterday. The subject: fences. I didn't know what to expect. My top pick is the following picture. My top pick This image conveys a lot more than just a fence with a great Bokeh effect. By having this little guy in there, just on the right place, it makes quite... Continue Reading →

Before & After 23

This church is part of my latest urban exploration session with my friends. This cross was suspended in the air but the original image doesn't show this clearly because of the low light and the roof in the background. This picture was taken with my iPhone and processed on the iPad with Lightroom CC. As... Continue Reading →

Blog Stats For June 2019

I don't really want to brag too much about my blog visitors statistics. But June was the biggest month of all time for my blog. The message is clear for all aspiring bloggers around the world: if you have a passion, if you are ready to invest yourself in writing, go for it. I'm super... Continue Reading →

Mes commentaires sur le départ de Jony Ive

Numeric Citizen Podcast - Épisode #14: Apple annonce via un communiqué de presse le départ graduel de son designer en chef, Jony Ive. Au delà de l’effet de surprise, je vous présente mes commentaires et observations sur cet événement marquant de l'histoire d'Apple. Petite correction importante: Jony Ive est arrivé en 1992 et n’a donc... Continue Reading →

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