You don’t have to love the iPad

Thought of the day, from Francisco Tolmasky on Twitter:  The frustrating thing about the iPad is that I constantly feel that I need to be buying into a philosophy Well said. For me, it doesn’t represent an issue. I love to buy into this philosophy because it is different, delightful. His tweet, one is a... Continue Reading →

Is Apple doomed now?

Well, at first glance, Apple’s financial numbers are pretty solid, considering the current situation. Services and wearables are shining. The future is uncertain. Apple didn’t provide any guidance which is expected I guess. It could have been much worst as experts and pundits were expecting lower numbers.  From Numeric Citizen Microblog @

Walking down the trail There is an uncertain destination at the end of this path. See the rest of the series on Numeric Citizen Visual Space.

A Message to my Weekly Newsletter Subscribers

If you are one of those subscribers to my Numeric Citizen Newsletters coming out every week-end via Mailchimp, I have a message for you. I’d like to invite you to consider registering for my new and much-improved newsletter built using the excellent Mailbrew service (read my review here). The newsletter frequency is the same, once... Continue Reading →

Confinement – A Visual Essay

Yesterday, I went out for a very long walk downtown Montreal. Since the beginning of my confinement, more than a month ago, I wanted to go out and experience the city emptiness. I took eighty pictures from which I selected nine of the best. The subject of each photo is trying to portray confinement or... Continue Reading →

Testing Squarespace for Photo Sharing

I've been testing Squarespace for photo sharing, so you don't have to. Here are a few of my observations. It didn't go well. I recently started a new photography series called "The Perfect Imperfections Series". I wanted a place to store and share my work in a simple and effective way. I'm a big fan... Continue Reading →

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