My Life. My Phone. My Privacy. Apple.

Great ad from Apple today. Non tech people will get it. I always thought that Apple could play the privacy card a lot more while promoting their products, their services. Their business model is partly built on maintaining privacy. Many people don't believe that. I do.

Photo by Stacey Gabrielle Koenitz Rozells on Unsplash I don't know for you but personally I don't trust Huawei. There are many reasons not to trust this company. They not only steal ideas from others for their smartphones but they lie about the camera quality by using stock photos for promotion. This isn't the first time they get... Continue Reading →

Digital Minimalism – A Book to Read

Photo by Simon Schmitt on Unsplash Certainly putting this book "Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport" on my book to read list. As Sam Crawford puts it: In other words, we need time alone with our thoughts. It’s critical to our well-being. And technology is massively undermining our time alone with our own thoughts. The iPod arrived and many... Continue Reading →

Why Melania is not Even Showing? Fake Melania! This troubling video sequence showing Trump with someone beside him looking like Melania but obviously this isn't her. Troubling in a sense that why are they doing this? What are other lies in the making right in front of our eyes? Where is the real Melania anyway? WTF! There seems to be no end... Continue Reading →

On Facial Recognition Training

Excellent article from NBC News: "Facial recognition's 'dirty little secret': Millions of online photos scraped without consent". People’s faces are being used without their permission, in order to power technology that could eventually be used to surveil them Let's say you have a Flickr account with hundreds of photos of your family, your friends, and... Continue Reading →

Shortcuts Archive from MacStories

Another great new content on MacStories, the Shortcuts archives. I'm not a big user of Apple's Shortcuts. I like the concept. I mostly like how it is implemented. But the burden on my memory is way to high. It is very hard for me to remember when a specific shortcut is needed or can help... Continue Reading →

The Next iMac

I'm using a 2017 iMac 21.5" screen iMac at home. I'm very happy with it. But I must admit that this design is getting a bit old. And one thing that I would like to see in the next revision of this design is the bezels to go thinner. Something along those lines. This mockup... Continue Reading →

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