Apple’s Keynote Day – A Few Thoughts Before The Event

Today is the day, September 10th. Apple’s new products announcements will create buzz in the industry. On the eve of the upcoming keynote, here are a few thoughts on this widely expected yearly circus. The obvious: new iPhone The iPhone will be, yet again, the center of this event, no surprise here. Speakin1. It seems... Continue Reading →

Traditional Digital Cameras Slowly Going Away

If recent earnings results from Nikon are any indication, the digital cameras sales are in free fall. Canon is not doing any better. Here is what could be happening in plain sight. After killing the point and shoot camera market, the smartphones with the iPhone is now taking over the rest, slowly but surely. Camera... Continue Reading →

The Significance of Apple’s Music Web Player

Apple Music Web Player on iPadOS 13 With less than a week before Apple announces the new iPhone and many other things, they drop a bombshell: an Apple Music web player is now available to a web browser near you. Here are some observations about this surprising move. iTunes for Windows is dead and Apple... Continue Reading →

What Are RAW Images?

What are RAW images? I'm glad you asked and Apple may have an answer for you. The App Store editorial team did a great job of explaining in simple terms what RAW images are. The article explains why they offer more information than JPEGs. Head to this link for all the details. It is a... Continue Reading →

This Is What Climate Change Look Like?

First Published in the New York Times A few tweets showing Dorian at peak strength. This is fascinating, scary as hell and makes me feel hopeless.

On The Road To Bar Harbor With Apple Maps

Photo taken with my iPhone 7, processed with Lightroom CC. Near Bar Harbor Are you one of those who think Google Maps is better than Apple Maps? I’m back from a long weekend trip to Bar Harbor. It was our first time there, my love and me. Like any other couples, we do have our... Continue Reading →

On iPhone Realness In Photography

The next iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 11, will be revealed to the world in a few days, on September 10th. For me, this could be one of the most exciting release of an iPhone in a long time. Here is why. If you are a long time reader of my blog, you know that I’m... Continue Reading →

iOS 13 Is Not Only Buggy…

Apple’s is known to be very buggy in iOS 13 beta cycle. Even at version 13.1 beta 1, things are not looking good yet. But there is another problem that is making this version of very frustrating to use. Consider the following two screenshots. On the left, this is what we get while... Continue Reading →

Mistakes, Really?

Following the publication of my long blog post about Siri privacy protection this week, I read a follow-up post from John Gruber on Daringfireball. He writes (emphasis is mine): My take on this saga was severely critical, but I am convinced this was a mistake — really, a series of mistakes — on Apple’s part, not an indication that the... Continue Reading →

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