My Love Letter to Craft

Craft is so much entrenched into my blogger workflow. This is my personal expression of my love for this application.

My Love Letter to Craft

Hi, I’m Numeric Citizen, a digital content creator.

It’s been a while now. The first time we met was in December of 2020. For testing purposes, I created a short blog post that I later published on Coming from Notion, the great design of Craft was seducing, exciting and refreshing. The second document was about Craft’s unique proposition, features set and design. This became an article on this blog. Then, I created another document at the beginning of 2021 to continuously update it all year long. It was a year summary of my work as a content creator interested in many subjects: Apple, photography, privacy and climate change. This document, which was never published,  allowed me to experience Craft in all its glory with document structure, page cards, numerous formatting options and easy information manipulation. It was at this point that I started to reconsider my choice of using Notion. Craft was seducing me so much that in a very short time, it became at the center of my blogger workflow, leaving Notion behind and a daunting task of eventually having to bring my content to Craft. I was pivoting my whole workflow for Craft, tweaking all aspects of my workflow. Without regrets. With joy.

In this journey of getting acquainted with Craft’s unique features and behaviours, I felt empowered, enhanced, and propelled to new heights as a blogger, a writer, a photographer, and a content creator. Each new release of Craft brought joy and excitement, the comforting sentiment of having made the right choice and left me wanting for even more. I slowly but surely became passionate. I found new uses for Craft to create things that I never thought were possible for me, like a Digital Garden and a YouTube Videos channel about Craft. The match between Craft and me is so good that I’m creating more with it, not less. Frictionless. Passionately.

Yet, Craft isn’t perfect. Nothing is. It’s part of life. Perfection is a matter of perspective. From my point of view, the column of pluses is far longer than the column of minuses. The whole is much greater than the sum of its parts, including the less perfect details. The fast pace of version releases ensures that I’m patient and willing to accept a few rough edges.

Now. Here we are. Eighteen months later. Writing this on Craft on my MacBook Air using the recently introduced Focus mode, an enhancement specifically targeted to users like me. Feeling undistracted, focused, and confident, I’m reflecting on my journey with Craft. Roads aren’t always linear. Craft has been turning here and there in new and unforeseen directions. I learn to accept the unexpected. I’m also thankful for using Craft, a perfect app citizen in the Apple ecosystem that is skipping the dark side that comes with non-native applications. I’m still in love with this software, if such a thing is possible, a well-crafted piece of bits and bytes put together and enhancing my numeric life and, obviously, my real life.

Thanks to the Craft team for creating Craft and keeping it evolving. ♥️

With love, Numeric Citizen.