Important Change Coming to This Website

Today, I wanted to share an update about my publishing plans for 2023.

Important Change Coming to This Website
Photo by Markus Winkler / Unsplash

As we enter 2023, I decided to change some of the services I depend on for publishing. You probably know I’m publishing on another website: This website is hosted on, which is very expensive because I’m paying for a plan which suppresses advertisements. I no longer see a reason to keep it that way. I plan to move the content over here, on Ghost. While migrating the content, the domain name "” will transition to “”. This means that content from both sites will merge.

This transition should be transparent for readers, but subscribers to my newsletter will probably need to update their subscriptions. I need to investigate this. Also, the site will lose its naming (I’ll drop the “Introspection” part in the name). I’ll keep you informed in due time.

This means you’ll see more content published on the website (if you subscribe to the RSS feed or visit this site regularly), but I won’t flood your inbox. I’ll keep sending newsletters for the Friday Notes Series and the Numeric Citizen Introspection.

Also, I decided to stop sharing photography-related content here and instead will do so on my Exposure page. Exposure is a dedicated photo-sharing service with a focus on storytelling. I already have six visual stories online.

Lastly, not directly related to this website but to general blogging, you can read my regular posts on (hosted on

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