Friday Notes #96 — Happy Holidays Edition

A few thoughts about 2022, a year I barely saw, and looking forward to 2023.

Friday Notes #96 — Happy Holidays Edition
Photo by Moritz Knöringer / Unsplash

For this year’s last edition of the Friday Notes series, I want to share a few thoughts about the current year that is coming to an end and looking to 2023.

First, let me ask you this: where did 2022 go? I’m asking because, you know what? It went in a snap. I think I know why: I had many creative projects on my plate, and quite a few were completed, but many are still ongoing and even more are in the pipeline. They kept me busy. I rarely stop asking myself what I am going to do now.

Second, it was a somewhat challenging year in some areas. International events can’t be ignored, and I find the war in Ukraine unbearable. It is affecting me in different ways. I wrote about it quite a lot here. I’m screaming in my head when I see stories like these in the NY Times. I wish the best for the Ukrainians and the worst for the Russians. I wish for a decisive military defeat for Russia as fast as possible, as hard as possible. Then, peace talks will be possible. I guess. I learned in the past months when reading about the history of wars that wars need to end by military means, not by negotiation. You may disagree, but history seems to point in that direction. I do have an internal debate about all of this. As I write this blog post, that’s how I feel anyway.

The other personal challenge comes in the form of guilt. I’m not optimistic about the state of the environment worldwide and our response to the climate crisis, both personally and globally. I’m not proud of our generation, the only one I can speak for. For those who follow us, my children, I ask for pardon. Simple as that.

Third, I’m looking forward to 2023 sharing my thoughts and quick introspection session results here. I hope for more positive thoughts, though. Plus, I’m going to change a few things in my digital life that could positively impact my presence here. One of them is my desire to close my Twitter accounts sometime in 2023, sooner rather than later. I’ll explain the whys and the hows in detail in due time. I’ll give you a hint behind my motivation: Elon Musk’s puerile attitude. If you’re curious about my quest for a Twitter-free world, open up your RSS reader app and subscribe to this feed.

Finally, I hope to return to a more physically active life after the holidays. I’m not at the level I wish I was; it shows in my physical feelings.

That’s it. Thanks for reading, and happy holidays. Peace.