Friday Notes #94 — Unleashing Creativity — Exploring Three Creative Projects in My Spare Time

When creativity takes over my spare time.

Friday Notes #94 — Unleashing Creativity — Exploring Three Creative Projects in My Spare Time
Photo by Ameen Fahmy on Unsplash

For this week’s Friday Notes, I wanted to give you a quick update about my recent projects.

My publishing streak was interrupted recently because of a few creative projects that grabbed most of my spare time.

First, I’m constantly producing new YouTube videos about Craft every week or so. They are mostly under 20 minutes, but it takes quite some preparation. I love doing this. It's pretty different than writing articles or blog posts. You can find (and watch) the videos here. Now 34 videos and counting.

Second, I recently started posting visual stories on the excellent photo-sharing web service “Exposure.” It’s a mix between Flickr, Smugmug and Glass. So far, I have managed to publish four stories. You can find my Exposure site here. I'll try to post another one this weekend.

Finally, last week, I restarted the SDDCbox project. I decided to reboot my journey exploring using a Mac to experiment with virtual labs using software like VMware Fusion. Because I refrained from buying a shiny new iPhone 14 Pro Max this year, I decided to invest some money into buying an old 2013 Mac Pro instead. Yep. You read it well—a nice-year-old machine. You can read all the details about this project here.

The SDDCbox Project Start Page
Building a data center in a box

Creativity is the common denominator of these three projects. It is an essential part of life for many people. It can be expressed through art, music, writing, programming, and many other activities. It has the power to spark joy, spark emotion, and bring something new to the world. For some, creativity is a means of self-expression, while for others, it is an outlet to explore their interests and have fun. Whatever your creative outlet, it is an integral part of life and makes life more exciting and rewarding.

What did I learn this week? Human body cells get entirely replaced by new ones every 15 years, more or less. In other words, 15 years from now, none of my current cells will be the same. Mind-bogging.