Friday Notes #93 — Remembrance Day

Spending some moments to remember on Remembrance day.

Friday Notes #93 — Remembrance Day
Photo by Dariusz Sankowski on Unsplash
Today is Remembrance day. 🌺 Please, do me a favour and take a moment today to think about all those who died for us in the past. And think about those Ukrainians who die right now 🇺🇦. They do that for the exact same reason: freedom. They shall be remembered.

Last weekend, I spent many hours digging into a few of my old souvenir boxes. It’s funny how they followed me from place to place, where I stayed without being opened. My parents used to keep them in the house basement because I didn’t have room in my apartment when I was studying at university. It’s only a few years later, after graduating, that I cared to take them back with me, but I never really spent the time to go through their content. This is what I did last weekend. This made me go back in time and brought back many memories I didn’t remember until now. Among the things found are a lot of pictures.

This website is all about being more personal with you, dear readers. So, here you go, a small slice of my life when I was young, still a child. The following photos represent many important memories about things that were important to me at some point.

That was me when I was 11 or 12. My late father took this photo. We made a trip together, just him and me, in Montreal. It was at the amusement park. I know he didn’t really like this kind of place, but he agreed to come with me. Growing up in a tiny town, I always wanted to go and see Montreal, a big city that seemed so far from me. I look like a happy boy, isn’t I?
When I was an early teenager, I was passionate about building rocket models that I could later fly. My brother took this particular photo just at the right time. I still have that rocket somewhere. Today, using the iPhone’s slow-motion video recording, we can get even cooler recordings of our memories. Too bad it wasn’t available back then.
I was a fan of the space shuttle program. At the time, we didn’t have video recording capabilities like today. The way to record memories was to take pictures of the TV screen. This was one of the first space shuttle flights before they stopped painting the main tank white.
This is my first experiment with my Minolta SRT-200 camera. I don’t remember the occasion, but I think it was some sort of car racing. At the time, I was processing my black & white films myself.
This was my desk in my room at college around 1985 or 1986 (as I wrote in “Friday Notes #47 — From My Personal Archives”). The Mac was an essential part of my life back then (read “Remembering the Story of Owning a Macintosh Plus*.”). On the desk are the first three volumes of the Inside Macintosh series, which were books for learning how to program the Mac. Also on the desk is an ImageWriter printer. One of the best dot matrix printers back in the day. Next up, many floppies in a box and many MacUsers and MacWorld magazines are on the shelves and other computer-related magazines. I wish I still had this mug with a traditional Apple logo.