Friday Notes #90 — This Is My Space

A place to work, think, create, and dream of my next creations.

Friday Notes #90 — This Is My Space
Images generated with DALL-E. 

Spending some time alone has always been something important for me. However, with young kids, I had to put this egoistic pleasure on pause for many years. With my first newborn, I had to transform my office at home into a child’s room. While my kids grew up, I spent most of my time reading or working in the living room or a small space adjacent to the kitchen. It was nothing like having my own space where I could isolate myself for a short while. I’ll let you imagine what it was like during COVID-19.

Things are different now: COVID-19 is mostly behind us, and I have had my home office in a closed room since my kids left the house. This room is now my space. A small but cozy place where I work, think and create. It’s the place to be when I need to be alone. I tried to make this space a reflection of what I like and cherish. I chose every frame on the walls, the furniture, the reading chair, the lighting, and the window dressing. I always thought that the things we use the most and where we spend a lot of time merit our attention, the suitable investments. I don’t mind spending money on an excellent computer display or great decorative but valuable furniture and having something in sight all day has to be the expression of great design, good condition, and great value.

I’m not done yet with my home office setup. I’m not sure I’ll ever be, but I’m happy with the overall look and arrangement. I got two windows, something I never had, which makes such a difference. Even if I’m not looking at the sea or a chain of mountains, but at my neighbour's house, light is coming in abundantly.

If you are curious and have a peek at my home office, watch the following YouTube video: “Behind the Scenes Look of My YouTube Recording Setup.” Drop a comment if you like it.

What did I learn this week? I experienced and learned how to use DALL-E, an AI-based image generator. It’s pretty cool and impressive. For example, you write a phrase describing a scene, and you get an entirely singular set of images out of it. The header image was generated using DALL-E. Pretty impressive if you ask me.