Friday Notes #64 — Am I Making a Difference?

When taking a walk becomes an introspection session.

Friday Notes #64 — Am I Making a Difference?
Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash

During a workday, I try to go out for a walk as often as possible, between meetings, before or after lunch. As the day goes by, walking outside becomes some sort of introspection session. Here’s a list of questions that come to my mind.

How is going my day? Am I proud of my work today? What did I miss? What’s next? Am I prepared for the next task? Did I forget something to tell to my customer? What can I improve in my work? Am I the right person at the right place, at the right time for this job? Did I meet my customer’s expectations? How could I facilitate my work with my co-workers? Am I adding value in a meeting? Are my priorities set for the appropriate things? Did I help my colleagues to achieve their goals? Did I start the proper discussion with the right questions? Am I making a difference?

You see, I might look like being tormented, but in fact, it’s my way of stepping back, taking a big breath and get ready for when I come back home to sit in front of my computer and resume working. Not all of these questions are popping up each time, but you get the idea.

What did I learn this week? Computational photography, something at the center of the photography experience of modern smartphones, which can stand in the way of the photographer's creativity. There is so much happening when hitting the shutter button, all the processing being done to compensate for the hardware limitations. Sometimes, creativity is achieved by making intentional errors, this is where computational photography can hit back.