Friday Notes #63 β€” I Myself

Introducing some blips of musing. For free.

Friday Notes #63 β€” I Myself
Photo by Melanie Deziel on Unsplash

There is something new for you, dear readers: small blips of musing. If you happen to pay a visit to my website where this newsletter is hosted, you will find a few posts that aren’t included in the newsletter. These posts are the by-product of my musing that I want to share with you as β€œbonus content”. If you're curious, I recently started writing and sharing some of my musings on the platform. As you'll probably notice, these posts are more introspective in nature, just like this newsletter and website. I think they fit perfectly in there. Together with the β€œwhat did I learn this week”, I hope they provide more insights about me as a writer and my small universe. Of course, it all comes at no additional cost. πŸ˜€

What did I learn this week: I learned about the limited data portability across different publishing platforms. I didn't know until now that moving content from WordPress to Ghost was such a complex matter. So complex that I ended up deleting content from the Internet. Gone. Poof. Text is portable in nature, but each platform has its own way of handling text and images together. That's where the problems start. You can read about my experience on my metablog: