Friday Notes #52 - One Year Anniversary

One year of weekly writing, without missing a beat. Can’t wait to write the next year of the Friday Notes.

Friday Notes #52 - One Year Anniversary
Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

The Friday Notes Series is now one year old. Started as a series of shortform posts on Medium, under the publication name Numeric Citizen Tidbits, the series seems to pass the test of time. I’m proud of all the time and efforts I have invested in writing each post. It wasn’t always easy to keep the beat rolling, though. It’s a constant challenge to find the time to think about, write and publish new content. Also, after starting my monthly newsletter, having to think about a subject, an angle, a story every week added some pressure on my other writing projects.

Some people are trying to keep writing AND publishing something every day. To them, I say bravo because I can imagine the challenge. Josh Ginter, writing on Newsprint:

Josh Ginter, writing on Newsprint:

“Writing something every day is one of those goals every writer has but may not have the fortitude to achieve. I’m no different — I’m likely going to give up on this goal in the very near future.”

“But over time, I came to prioritize short blog posts because they were easy to publish. The shorter the post with the shorter the complete thought, the better.”

“I have found I’m writing about half-baked ideas for the sake of writing”


“And more than anything, I am finding my quality to be receding.”

Josh’s post deeply echoes my sentiments as a writer and content creator. I can’t count how often I felt my about-to-be-published content wasn’t ready or complete. Yet, I hit the publish button anyway. Why is that? Simply because of the pressure of keeping the lights on, the beat is rolling, the blog lively. When this happens, it’s a warning that something is wrong. The motives for writing need to be reframed.

But, then, I read the very same day, from Matt Birchler on Birchtree (emphasis is mine):

“Birchtree is 11 years old and for the first 5 years or so it got basically no traffic. Today it gets lots more traffic, but it still makes very little money (like $20-30) but I still do it because I love it. YouTube is way more relevant and way more lucrative, and it’s reasonably gotten more attention from me over the past year, but this blog isn’t going anywhere because I love it; I’ve found the things that will keep me going because I love them so much.”

This is it; my writing motive is simply because I love it. The rest should be secondary, like publishing for publishing. I should always keep in mind: is this thing ready or not? If it’s not, then, wait, if it’s ready, then hit publish!

I am hoping for another year of the Friday Notes Series.