Friday Notes #49 — Another Source of Inspiration

Going on a trip soon, after a two years pause. #inspiration #photography #writing

Friday Notes #49 — Another Source of Inspiration
Me, on the beach, a long time ago

It seems that creativity is relentless for me. It’s particularly intense while on vacation. In a few days, I will be on vacation in Mexico. This is my first trip abroad in almost two years. Can you imagine that? I sometimes have the impression that COVID has taken us two years of our collective lives. It’s crazy how time passes quickly, even during a pandemic. That said, for me, holidays are always a source of inspiration of all kinds. And so, It is with enthusiasm that I’m counting the days that separate me from my next departure, on November 18.

Holidays allow me to enter a contemplative mode, which arouses my inspiration and consequently stimulates my creativity. Naturally, photography is the first to benefit from this effervescence but also writing at different times of the day. This is how I disconnect from the rest, work and all the worries that occupy my life.

I always come back from travel with lots of ideas for articles to publish, photos to process. Sometimes I tell myself that as long as I am creative, I will be alive. And it feels good to be alive.

Note: this post was first written in French, then I used Apple’s translation to translate it into English. I wanted to see if writing in French first would make it easier for me. It merely does so. One last thing, I’ll leave my camera gear behind for this trip.

Friday Notes #45 — Leaving My Camera Gear Behind
The following article part, let’s call it Part I, which I started writing on October 6, was meant to be published a week ago, on October 8, before the long holiday weekend. But, somehow, I forgot about it and published this article instead. I must be getting old. 🥸