Friday Notes #48 โ€” Finding Inspiration And Delight

The internet is full of great inspirational and delightful artwork. This is just one example that I want to share with you.

Friday Notes #48 โ€” Finding Inspiration And Delight
Taken with iPhone 13 Pro in macro photography mode

The internet is a fantastic world for finding inspirational work in so many art forms. For example, I recently read this article from BasicAppleGuy, who recently spent a week visiting Amsterdam with his iPhone 13 Pro. His article includes his best shots of Amsterdam, with quick notes accompanying each photo.

โ€œGoing to Amsterdam has been something I've wanted to do for years. And after learning a bit of difficult medical news of a family member earlier this year, the importance of making the items on our bucket lists a reality was put into new perspective. Europe, particularly visiting The Netherlands, was on that list.โ€ โ€” BasicAppleGuy

My preferred photos are the bike (for the tone, subject and composition), the palace (for the angle, the symmetry, the architecture), the leaves (for the angle, the bokeh effect). But, the best of all are the two shots taken with Spectre from the same developers of the excellent Halide camera application. One photo was taken in a museum, the other on the street, while a tram was passing by the photographer. Wow. These photos are up there in terms of subject selection, composition, treatment.

BasicAppleGuy is not only a fan of everything Apple, but he is really good at photography and graphic design, as a writer and Apple-related stories as you can judge from his websiteโ€”a must in your list of blogs to follow.

Iโ€™m wondering if my photography work has been the source of inspiration for others. I certainly hope so. Let me know in the comments section below or just by hitting the heart icon. Thanks in advance for your feedback.