Friday Notes #30 — Fully Vaccinated, But…

I have these bad feelings about having lost precious time of my life.

Last Sunday morning, I got my second vaccine shot against COVID-19. The 48 hours that followed were miserable, but it’s nothing compared to the many endured challenges by others since the beginning of 2020. This brings me to the following thought: I have the feeling that nearly 18 months of my life were spoiled, lost even. Sure, I didn’t get COVID-19; I didn’t have to suffer the loss of a dear one to the disease. Yet, from my personal experience, so many things were put on hold that it makes me think that I’ve lost precious time of my life. From seeing friends, going on a trip in a foreign country, doing photography, those were put on hold, deferred or less frequently experienced. I’m anxious to get rid of this state of mind that I cannot easily name.

On a much more positive note, this week, some family members are visiting me at the chalet to spend some time together. As we are all mostly vaccinated (one or two doses), we care much less about getting COVID-19; we won’t need to take special social distancing measures. To be together, just like before COVID-19, this feels like a breath of fresh air, a beginning to a really new normal social state. Time will probably heal the rest of my bad feelings.