Friday Notes #25 — What’s in My Head When I Run?

Friday Notes #25 — What’s in My Head When I Run?
Photo by Gary Butterfield on Unsplash

Since the beginning of 2021, I’m exercising on a regular schedule. I want to get in better shape. I’ve been closing my activity rings every single day since January 2. My goal is to do a half-marathon this fall to celebrate the end of the pandemic. In 2020, when it all started, I was scheduled for a 10KM run in Ottawa, but it was cancelled because of… you know why. It would have been my third experience of a 10KM run. This year, I’m going for the 21KM one.

I try to run 2-3 times a week: one long run of at least 10KM and shorter ones. As I get closer to September, I’ll increase those distances. I like to run a lot. It’s one of the only sports I feel comfortable doing, where I feel that I’m good at it.

When I’m running, many things are popping up in my head without even trying. Here a run-down of them on a typical run.

I’m wondering if I brought enough water to get myself hydrated. I hope I’m not going to hurt myself so I can make it to Montreal’s half-marathon this fall. I’m thinking about a few post ideas for my blogs. I’m wondering about what my next day's work looks like. My right ankle hurts a bit. I should do intervals more often. What would it be to run for a full marathon? I need to pee, but there is no place around me where I can stop. Too bad. Why is this unknown woman coming toward me smiling? Do I know her? What will be the next time I’ll be able to run? I’m starting to feel tired, but I must stay focused and continue. Where and when could take place my next photo walk? I should complete this article that I started a long time ago. I’m all over the place when it comes to my writing projects. I should focus more. I miss my father. I really should get home because I want to pee. 😳

As you can see, my head is as busy as my legs when I’m running. I don’t know about other runners, but for me, running is not where I empty my head to focus the most. After each run, I feel exhausted, but I’m also full of new ideas and inspiration. A lot of my content ideas came during one of those runs.